Affirmation Art Crown - Crafty

Affirmation Art Crown - Crafty


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I transformed a basic tiara into a wearable piece of goddess goodness! It has a sturdy plastic base, trimmed in fabric, sparkle twine and embellished with hot glue designs, crystals, silk flowers, mirrors and more. It's meant to help the person wearing it empower themselves and embrace their inner creative queen!

This one is called "Crafty" - It is all about celebrating your mad art skills. You deserve a crown for all the cool things you create. You can wear this or set it in your studio as inspiration.

The centerpiece is on a crochet piece I made and has a unicorn I embedded in a bezel, trimmed in pronged crystal trim. It has different miniatures representing crafty vida.


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WHERE DOES THIS STUFF COME FROM? DO YOU HAVE A FACTORY? No way, Jose. The two of us create each item by hand in our beloved Phoenix living room-turned-art studio (all while watching hours and hours of cable TV). We literally buy the supplies, make it, glaze it, pack it and ship it all by ourselves. Have mercy!

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